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Face Your Demons

Face Your Demons

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Name of painting.  Face Your Demons.

Most paintings are textured, and all original designs. To see details of the paintings please click on it to enlarge it, and zoom in. 

All paintings if not already signed in the pictures, will be signed on the right hand bottom corner before sent.

Materials used for most of the paintings are a mixture of oil and acrylic, charcoil pencils, and more.

Frankincense, Ylang-Ylang, and Bergamot oil are incorporated into my art, to help assist in mental healing, clarity, and protection from negative energy.

To hang a painting just insert a screw into the wall and let it rest on top. Paintings are original, so they may have some paint marks on the back.

Watermarks might be applied to some pictures in the top left corner, this is not a defect.

My shop offers Free Standard Shipping in Canada and US, and only accepts returns if the paintings are received damaged. (Please read the FAQ for a more detailed description.)

Processing time is 1-2 business days.

Large size, black and red, demon, dark, evil, monsters, spiritual warfare, devil art, gothic, hell, scary, abstract, expression, spiritual warfare, evil art, figurative, mixed media, wall art, decor, original, on a clear plastic veneer, textured painting.

Size 36” by 24” by 0.2” inches.

Acrylic, on plastic, oil and Ink on vinyl poster board

Price $485.00

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